Updated Reports.

Including moving some reports to desktop (including Schedule E) and updating reports to align them between Android, iOS, and Desktop.

One of the key functions of Landlord Studio is our reporting features. Over May and June, we worked on bringing uniform reporting features to all our platforms (desktop, iOS, and Android).

For example, you can now run Schedule E Reports on every device including desktop which was previously only available for mobile. Additionally, we have made our reporting easier to navigate and on Desktop.

We have updated our reports on all devices to better reflect their purpose, improving design and layout as well as the actual functionality meaning they generate even faster.

Updated Payment History for iOS

We have made a few updates to the iOS property details screen. One major one is we have rearranged the payment history, expenses, mileage, and notes.

The payment history can now be found on the property details page. Simply scroll down to view and edit the historical income.

Expenses have been moved to their own tab on the property details page. Tap on the Expenses tab and now all your expenses for this property will be here. You can scroll through them or choose to filter them by date, amount or category.

To add notes and mileage to a property you now just tap on the other tab on the property details page and then select “Add Note” or “Add Mileage”.

New Property Analytics Screen to iOS

A major addition to the property details page on iOS is a new feature which is your property insights. This is a beta feature and as we develop it further we will roll this out across other devices.

To view this page click on "Insights" at the top of the property details page (where payment history used to be).

This page currently gives you a quick summary of income and expenses for your particular property.

To ensure this additional page offers valuable information please let us know if you have any feedback on what you want to see on this page. You can do this on the page in the app or email us at help@landlordstudio.com

Apple Sign in Available for iOS

We have now added support for Apple Sign in on iOS. Simply put this means you can click on the Apple icon on the login screen to sign in to the app using your Apple account logins.

PDF Files now Open on Android 10 Devices

You can now open PDF files that have been uploaded to our system without leaving the app.

To do this navigate to the relevant property. Tap on documents. (this can now be found at the top of the (property details page). Tap on the file you want to look at and then tap on the PDF icon to open it.

General Updates and Improved Speed

In addition to all these updates, we have spent time fixing minor bugs and improving the back-end of the app to improve the app speed even as more data is added to the app.

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