You can manage renters' questions or applications submitted via your rental listing site.


How do I respond to questions from my leads?

You will receive a Landlord Studio email when a prospect sends you a message via your listing site. To respond, simply select reply from the mail client of your choice.

When you receive a message from a prospective renter, we’ll notify you via email, along with the contact details of the lead. To respond, simply click reply using the email directly. Alternatively, if you would like to fast-track the selection process by conducting a background check, simply click on the "Start Background Check" button at the bottom of the email. This will take you to our tenant screening feature in Landlord Studio.

How do I start tenant screening?

You can run a background check and tenant screening report using Landlord Studio. To start a new tenant screening report, follow the app instruction after clicking "Start Background Check" or simply follow the instructions in Tenant Screening (US Only).

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