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Archiving a property allows you to safely store all the previously entered data whilst showing that it is no longer being rented.

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If you sell your property, or for some other reasons are no longer renting it out, the best way to show this on the system is to archive it rather than deleting it.

By archiving your property all of your historical data remains securely stored on our cloud servers and accessible to you at any time while also showing that the property is no longer being rented meaning no rent will be due and it won't show up as vacant on your dashboard or reports.

*Please note that archived properties still count towards your subscription.

Archive a Property on Mobile

Step 1. Select the property that you want to archive.

Step 2. Click on the blue pencil edit icon just above the payment history button to edit the property.

Step 3. Scroll down to the very bottom and switch the ‘Archive’ toggle into the on position and save.

Archive a Property on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property using the "Properties" tab in the left-hand menu bar.

Step 2. Click on "Edit Property"

Step 3. Click on Archive Property about halfway down the page.

Step 4. Select "Yes"

Step 5. Save.

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