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Adding and Editing Your Properties
Adding and Editing Your Properties

How to add your first property to Landlord Studio, and notes on how to edit and delete properties.

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To use our software the first thing you need to do is add a property (and then add a lease).

Adding a property allows you to associate specific income and expenses to specific properties and easily track and organize your finances on a property by property basis.

This article explores how to add and edit your properties on the mobile app and desktop portal.




To Add your First Property

You will be guided through the steps when adding your first property in the app. If however, you choose to skip the guided steps follow the steps below to add your first property.

Step 1. Open the app and create an account to log in.

Step 2. You will see a screen asking you to add a property. Start typing the address in the search bar.

We have integrated with Google Maps so as you start typing our system will autofill suggestions for you. Select your property address – alternatively, enter the address manually.

Step 3. This will take you to the next screen and autofill it for you.

Important: If your property has multiple units in it, then you need to switch on the toggle to allow HMO / Multi-unit properties. Then tap continue.

Step 4. Scroll down and you will see there are other details you can add to your property if you desire.

Optional: Opt-in to receive a personalized insurance quote from Steadily.

Step 5. Hit submit.

For HMO/MultiUnit Properties

Step 6. For a multiunit property, you will now need to add all the units in the building naming them as you go.

Add More Properties

You can add another property to your account via the home screen dashboard.

To do this scroll to the bottom of your home dashboard and you’ll see an option to “Add New Property”. Tap on this and follow the steps above.

Alternatively, on iOS devices, you can use the quick action button.

Editing a Property

You can edit a property or delete it at any time.

To do this first navigate to the relevant property via the hamburger menu bar.

To edit the property tap on the blue pencil icon.

On this screen, you can change or edit the property address, mortgage details, property valuation, property details, and notes.

If you scroll right to the bottom of the page there are two more options to either “Archive Property” or “Delete Property”.

Archive Property

This option moves this property into your archive which takes it out of the untenanted section but allows you to keep all your property data. And it will still count as part of your subscription.

Delete Property

This deletes all your property data off of the software. This is not reversible.

Adding a Property on the Desktop Software

Step 2. Navigate to the Properties page, then click on the Add Property Button

Step 3. Enter the address of your property.

Step 4. Enter any additional information such as mortgage valuation.

Optional: Opt-in to receive a personalized insurance quote from Steadily.

Step 5. Hit Save.

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