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Mapping Landlord Studio To Your Xero Chart of Accounts
Mapping Landlord Studio To Your Xero Chart of Accounts

It's essential to map your income and expense categories accurately in order to make the most use our of the Xero integration.

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If you're using our Free Chart of Accounts template we recommend mapping your transaction categories in line with the following example.

Suggested mapping if you're using our free Chart Of Accounts template

Landlord Studio Income Expense Category

Xero Chart of Accounts


6000 - Marketing / Ad Expense

Auto and Travel

8300 - Travel & Parking

Cleaning and Maintenance

7800 - Cleaning & Maintenance


6120 - Other Professional Fees


8990 - Depreciation


7100 - Homeowners Association (HOA)


7200 - Insurance


8600 - Other Interest Expense

Legal Fees and Other professional Fees

6120 - Other Professional Fees

Management Fees

7700 - Management Fees


7600 - Mortgage Interest Expense


9100 - Other Expense


8000 - Repairs


7900 - Materials


7300 - Taxes


7500 - Utilities

Mapping in Landlord Studio

After you've connected your Xero account you'll be asked to map the accounts. Below is an example of what that looks like:

Schedule E Expense Categories

The Landlord Studio default categories are, by default, designed to match the IRS Schedule E Form 1040. The expense categories for which are listed below:

  1. Advertising

  2. Auto and travel

  3. Cleaning and maintenance

  4. Commissions

  5. Insurance

  6. Legal and other professional fees

  7. Management fees

  8. Mortgage interest

  9. Other interest

  10. Repairs

  11. Supplies

  12. Taxes

  13. Utilities

  14. Depreciation expense or depletion

  15. Other (list)

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