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How To Import Your Chart Of Accounts Into Xero
How To Import Your Chart Of Accounts Into Xero

Import our free real estate specific chart of accounts to Xero and get started.

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You can upload our Xero chart of accounts template that has been designed specifically for real estate investors using Xero.

Note: Once you’ve got your Xero Chart of Accounts, Bank Accounts, and Tracking Categories set up, please check out our guide on Integrating Landlord Studio With An Existing Version Of Xero.

To Import Your Chart of Accounts

Step 1: Log into your Xero account, or create a new account.

Step 2: Go to Chart of Accounts

Under the "Accounting" tab select "Advanced", then select Chart of Accounts under Advanced Settings.

You can start this to pin it to the Accounting tab for easy access later.

Step 3: Click on "Import" to import a new Chart of Accounts.

Step 4: Upload the .csv file from your computer of the Chart of Accounts you want to use.

Step 5: Confirm and select your bank accounts.

If you didn't edit the Chart of Accounts prior to this and add all of your existing bank accounts, don't worry. You can review and edit these at any time by going to Advanced > Bank Accounts.

Step 6: Save.

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