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Why was your card payment declined and what do you need to do?

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We're sorry to hear that you've had a sub-optimal purchasing experience.

Why was your card payment declined?

There are several reasons why your payment may have been declined. If your transaction has been declined please, first of all, check the three following things:

  1. Please ensure you are using MasterCard, Visa, or Amex. We do not support Discover cards at this time.

  2. Ensure your zip code matches.

  3. Ensure the credit card has not expired.

If all the above is correct, this means your bank has rejected the payment.

Whilst our product is designed for the US and UK markets, our headquarters are in New Zealand. This means that some banks recognize this transaction as an overseas purchase and by default their systems prevent the payment from completing.

If this happens to you, what do you need to do?

You will need to contact your bank to unblock the transaction then try again, or you can try again with a different card.

If you are still unable to purchase, please contact us at help@landlordstudio.com.

Thank you for your patience.

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