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How Do Tenants Set Up And Pay Rent Online?
How Do Tenants Set Up And Pay Rent Online?

How to set up and pay your rent online with Landlord Studio

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Note: This article is for tenants. If you are a landlord you will want to head over to this article to learn more about How to Set Up and Collect Rent with Landlord Studio.


As a tenant, you can now pay your rent online through Landlord Studio. For this feature to be used your landlord needs to enable online rent collection on their account. You will then receive an email (please double-check your spam folder) with a unique link to set up your account on the tenant portal.

From the tenant portal, you can pay your rent as well as view past and upcoming rent payments. Simply connect your bank account and you can then transfer your rent directly to your landlord.

About Auto-Pay

We suggest you enable Auto-Pay, so you never miss your rent due date again. You can disable Auto-Pay at any time should you so choose, and instead, log in each month to manually pay your rent.

Setting the Rent Payment Date

Payments currently take between 3-5 days to reach the landlord's account. As such we have created a feature to allow you to set the payment date a couple of days before the rent due date so that the rent clears and reaches your landlord on time.

About ACH Fees

Your landlord may choose to pass the online rent payment "convenience fee" on to you. This will clearly be shown in the tenant portal and you will be asked to review and confirm when you initiate payments.

Tenants are charged a flat rate of $2.50 per transaction. If you're uncertain about why you have been assigned this fee please reach out to your landlord to discuss.

If you have auto-pay enabled and your landlord changes details of the lease such as assigning the convenience fee to you or adjusting the rent amount then auto-pay will be disabled and you will receive an email asking you to review and confirm the changes before reestablishing auto-pay.

About The Tenant App

To make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of your payments we've launched the Landlord Studio tenant app.

Simply download the tenant app onto your mobile device and log in with the log in details you created on the tenant portal when you first created your account.

Via the app you can review upcoming and historical payments, turn auto-pay on or off, pay tenant payable expenses, and even submit maintenance requests.

How to Pay Your Rent Online

Step 1. Create your account

Once online rent collection has been set up by your landlord in Landlord Studio, you will receive an email notifying you of the request to pay rent online. If you don't receive this email please contact your landlord and ask them to resent the unique link.

Note: Please check your spam folder for an invite email

You need to follow the unique link to complete your setup. This will lead you to a login page.

  • We advise all landlords to notify tenants of this incoming email and for tenants to check spam folders.

Note: Please use a strong unique password.

Step 2. Connect your bank account

To pay via our online rent collection feature you will need to select the bank account with which you will be paying the rent.

Click on the "+ Add bank" button.

And follow the prompts.

  • If your bank isn't listed please choose the option to manually connect your bank account.

Some banks may require micro-deposits in which case Plaid will make one deposit of $0.01 into your account which then needs to be confirmed as part of their verification process.

As soon as this is received, please log in to and confirm these amounts.

Your bank account will now be connected.

Step 3. Pay

The upcoming rent amount will show on the portal dashboard.

You can click the "Pay" button to set up ongoing payments or create a one-off payment.

We have enabled an option to allow you to choose the number of days before the rent due date that you want funds to be withdrawn from your bank account.

As the payment takes 3- 5 days to be processed we recommend that this is set accordingly so that rent arrives in the landlord's account on or by the rent due date.

This will then schedule all ongoing payments to be deducted from the tenant's account until the lease end date.

You can turn off auto-pay by turning off the toggle for "Automatic Rent Payments".

After completing this setup for the first time, you can then log into the tenant portal here: using the email address and password you first set.

Once you've finished creating your account download the tenant app and log in with your email and passwords, and easily manage your rent payments and maintenance requests on your phone.

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