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Add and Edit Suppliers/Contractors and Link them to Expenses
Add and Edit Suppliers/Contractors and Link them to Expenses

Keeping all your property related contacts in one handy place will save you loads of time.

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Adding your frequently used contractors and suppliers will allow you to keep all their important information and details in one place. 

Then, when you need to get in contact about a job for one of your properties, simply open the app, tap on the phone or Email icon and call or message them straight from the app.


Adding/Managing Contractors and Suppliers on Mobile

Step 1. Open the left-hand side menu bar.

Step 2. Select ‘Contractors and Suppliers’.

  • Note: On the app, you may need to scroll down a bit past your properties.

Step 3. Hit the ‘Add Supplier’ button - in the app, this is the plus icon on the top right.

Step 4. Fill in their details.

Step 5. Save.

Editing and Deleting Suppliers

To edit your supplier details or view their full contact information, simply. navigate back to this page at any time and tap on the relevant supplier.

You can delete the supplier on this page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the "Delete" button. As with deleting any it from the app, this process is irreversible and erases the data completely from your account.

Adding/ Editing Supplier Categories

You cannot change the default supplier categories. Instead, we have tried to include every example of a supplier profession that a landlord might use. 

If you think we have missed an essential supplier category please reach out to us at

Linking A Supplier To An Expense

You can link suppliers that are already in the system, or add new suppliers. Always select from your existing suppliers when possible to avoid duplicates.

When adding or editing an expense, click on “Supplier” below the expense category.

Select an existing supplier to link them to the expense, or alternatively, create a new supplier in the system and link them.

Adding/Managing Contractors and Suppliers on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to Contacts, then Suppliers and hit Add New Supplier. Fill out relevant information and hit Save.

Step 2. To link suppliers to an expense, use the dropdown to select from existing suppliers or add a new supplier.

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