You can now create a supplier expense report on the website or mobile app. This enables you to track your expenses against suppliers so that you can easily report your allowable tax-deductible expenses.

This report is especially useful for investors that need to fill out a 1099-MISC form when filing their taxes - but is also a useful way to break down and better understand your portfolio expenses.

To generate the report on mobile

1. Tap reports

2. Select the "Supplier Expense Report" and update the dates and other relevant information.

3. Tap continue

4. You can then share the report by email or download it to print from your device.

To generate the report on desktop

1. Navigate to reports on desktop

2. Select the “Supplier Expense Report”

3. Select the filters. You can filter this report by all the regular filters including date range, expense category, property, and owner. Plus you can also select specific suppliers.

4. Hit “Run Report”

All the expenses in the supplier expense report will be grouped by the supplier and organized by payment date in ascending order. The suppliers will be ordered by name in ascending order.

Expenses that don’t have a supplier linked to them will not be shown in this report. As such, if an expense isn’t showing up, double-check it is linked to a supplier.

For this report, you can export it as a PDF or CSV file.

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