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Why Is My Bank Account Not Listed?

We use Plaid to integrate with your bank. Not all US Banks are currently supported by Plaid.

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Landlord Studio uses the third-party provider Plaid to allow our users to connect their bank accounts to our platform using their bank login credentials. Plaid currently supports most major bank institutions such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, as well as many smaller banks and credit unions.

However, due to the nature and number of banks throughout the US, there are some popular institutions and credit unions that are not supported by Plaid at this time.

What happens if my bank account is not listed?

Plaid currently supports over 2,000 financial institutions, and they’re continuously working on adding more. If your bank does not appear in the list, there may be two reasons why:

  • Your bank is not supported by Plaid.

  • Your bank is not supported by our current integration with Plaid. 

We understand how frustrating this is and we are constantly sharing user feedback with Plaid and our Product Team to improve our services.

I have tried to connect my bank account, but am receiving an error message from Plaid.

Our integration with Plaid may limit some users from being able to connect their bank account due to the type of bank account or the bank itself. This could result in an error message when trying to connect.

If you're having a hard time connecting your bank account, please email us at

We will investigate for you to determine the precise reason you are unable to connect, and when relevant report this back to Plaid so that they can resolve the issue.

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