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Can I Use Landlord Studio As An LLC, Business, or Property Manager?
Can I Use Landlord Studio As An LLC, Business, or Property Manager?

Use Landlord Studio to manage and collect rent for your rental business.

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You can use Landlord Studio as a business, LLC, or property manager. In fact, many Landlord Studio users are property managers or large owner/operators.

With that said, Landlord Studio was originally designed with independent landlords in mind, so there are some things that may be less intuitive during your initial setup. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Adding your business name

You can add or edit your business name and logo under your organization profile. Additionally, you can edit the name your tenants see on communications like emails by changing the first and last name associated with your account.

  • To change the name associated with your account and that will be added to your emails log in on our desktop portal. Click your email in the top-right corner, and select "edit profile".

  • Edit the first and last name on your account to your business info. For example, you could make the first name "Company Name" and the last name "LLC."

Verifying your account to receive payments

If you're using Landlord Studio for payments, one important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to verify your account using your personal information and SSN.

We are required by law to verify the identity of all individuals using a Landlord Studio account to receive payments through Landlord Studio. This means that even as an LLC or property management company, you'll still need to use your SSN to verify your identity and receive payments.

Can I receive rent into multiple bank accounts?

Yes, you can add multiple checking accounts to your one Landlord Studio account and choose which account to accept specific rent payments into. When setting up online rent collection you will be asked to select which bank account to collect rent with or to add a new one. You can then edit or enter new details at any time.

Note: Right now there isn’t a way to collect a single rent payment rent from multiple individuals or divide a single rent payment between multiple checking accounts. Rent payments can only be sent in full to one account.

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