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Summary: Landlord Studio Reports
Summary: Landlord Studio Reports

Explore Landlord Studio’s powerful reports in our GO and PRO plans and what they’re used for.

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About Landlord Studio Reports

  • Instantly generate on any device. Run any of our reports on any device at any time to get nuanced insights into your portfolio.

  • Customizable. Filter each of the reports by property or unit as well as income and expense categories and drill down into your portfolio data with ease.

  • Export as CSV and PDF. On our GO plan you can export reports as easy-to-read PDF files. On PRO download as PDF or CSV.

  • Email reports to business partners. Easily email and share downloaded reports with business partners, potential lenders, and more so everyone’s in the loop.

  • Easily share with your accountant. Invite your accountant to give them view-only access to your data so they can offer additional financial advice and help you streamline tax time.

Landlord Studio Advanced and Basic Reporting

Reports Available On GO And PRO Plans

Income Expense Statement

This profit and loss report shows a complete breakdown of all your income and expenses over your selected time period.

Online Payment Report (US only)

View all of the transactions that have been made online via Landlord Studio grouped by property.

Reports Available On The PRO Plan

Breakdown Statement

This report shows the income and expenses assigned to each property grouped by category.

What’s it for?

This report gives you a quick snapshot of where you’re spending the most money allowing you to spot discrepancies and identify areas for cutting costs.

Profit/ Loss Summary

This report shows a one-line summary of the total income and expenses assigned to a property

What’s it for?

Get a high-level view of cash flow and quickly assess how much money your properties are bringing in on a month-by-month basis.

Schedule E Report

This report makes filing schedule E easy. It groups multi-units and displays your income and expenses by category.

What’s it for?

Designed to mimic the Schedule E section of the IRS Form 1040, simply generate this report at tax time for each of your properties and copy your expenses across.

Rent Ledger

The report provides a complete list of payments logged over a specific time period.

What’s it for?

Dig into your tenant’s payment history to see who pays on time all the time and locate missing income.

Tenant Ledger

Provides a complete list of payments due vs payments logged for a specific tenant.

What’s it for?

Get a summary of your tenants and find missing payments with a list of rent due amounts vs expected amounts.

Rent Roll

Displays a summary of your expected rental income on a given date.

What’s it for?

Did you expect $3,000 on the 1st but only received $2,000? Run the rent roll report and see who’s behind on their payments.

Overdue Rent Payments

This report lists all overdue rent payments and late fees in your selected time period.

What’s it for?

Find out how much rent is overdue and who is behind on payments in this summary report of all overdue rent payments in your selected date range.

Rent Payment Difference

View a summary of the missed and overdue rent payments to spot income transaction discrepancies

What’s it for?

This report displays the expected amount of rent alongside the actual collected rent amount so you can quickly identify discrepancies.

Mileage Report

Displays a summary of all mileage logged in Landlord Studio for the properties selected.

What’s it for?

This report summarizes the total amount of miles you’ve recorded over the tax year so you can accurately claim your business mileage back at tax time and maximize your mileage deduction.

Supplier Expense Report

View a list of your suppliers and a breakdown of the expenses assigned to them over a specific time period.

What’s it for?

This is an essential report for filing your 1099’s. Find out which suppliers you’ve paid over the tax year and the total amount paid.

Lease Expiry Report

This report shows a summary of all the leases expiring within a selected time period as well as the lease end dates.

What’s it for?

Keep vacancies to a minimum. Find out which leases are expiring and when so you can renew leases or find new tenants with plenty of time.

Rent Ledger

View a breakdown of all the rent payments made against each property alongside overdue rent amounts.

What’s it for?

The rent Ledger is used to tell at a glance the rent payment status of each tenant. The ledger compiles key data such as the monthly rent amount, when the rent was received, and in what amount.

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