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How to Switch Between Client Organizations?
How to Switch Between Client Organizations?

Accountants with multiple clients can easily switch between clients using our partner portal.

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About the Partner Program

Join the partner program today through the Landlord Studio website and save your clients time and money and empower your team to offer value-add services for happier clients that stay with your practice for longer.

Clients that accept your invitation get 20% off their subscription price and their accounts will automatically be connected to you in the background, making it easier than ever for you to see what’s going on in their world.

What you need to know

Our accountant partners can link to an unlimited number of client accounts. You can then easily switch between accounts through the partner portal clients page.

If you are not yet a Landlord Studio partner, head over to the partner page on the Landlord Studio website and apply to join the program today!

See How to invite clients via Partner Portal for details on how to invite clients.

Note: Switching between organizations is only possible for partners with the "Accountant" role. The account must have more than one client who has accepted an invite.

Switching between client organizations

1. To switch between client organizations, first, log into your partner account to view a list of your current active clients.

2. Find the client you want to access and select the "Go" button.

Note: the "Last Viewed" label indicates the current organization you're linked to.

3. The app will take you to the "Reports" page. The reports generated from here will be for the currently selected client organization.

4. To switch to another client organization, click on "Clients" from the navigation menu to get back to the partners portal. Then select the "Go" button next to the client org you wish to access.

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