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Partner Program Overview

Join the partner program today and save your clients time and money and empower your team to offer value-add services.

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Join the partner program today to save your clients time and money and empower your team to offer value-add services for happier clients that stay with your practice for longer.

About the Partner Program

Help your real estate clients get rid of messy spreadsheets and paper processes with industry-specific software designed to save them time and money.

With Landlord Studio, you get better quality data in a uniform and easy-to-understand format meaning you can offer more value-add services, faster end-of-year tax completion, and reduce the risk of non-compliance for more profitable and satisfied clients.

Our Partner Program is completely free to join and allows you to refer Landlord Studio to your clients quickly and easily using our self-service partner portal.

Clients that accept your invitation get 20% off their subscription price and their accounts will automatically be connected to you in the background, making it super easy for you to see what’s going on in their world.

How to Sign Up for the Partner Program

Signing up for the Landlord Studio partner program is easy. Head over to the partner page on the Landlord Studio website and fill out the form here.

We will then review and confirm your application and send you an email with a unique link to the partner portal which you can use to complete your setup.

Once your setup is complete, download the helpful resources from the resources page and start inviting your clients.

How to Invite Your Real Estate Clients

Step 1: On the client's tab in the partner portal and click the “+Invite Client” button.

Step 2: Enter your client’s email address and they will receive an email invitation with a unique link to create their account.

Landlord Studio is completely FREE for real estate investors with 3 or fewer units. Those with more than 3 units or that want to utilize our PRO features like bank feeds can test the software with a FREE PRO trial before they buy.

If your clients do choose to upgrade to PRO to take advantage of the advanced features and unlimited units, they will get 20% off the subscription price (as long as they use the link you sent them when they signed up).

For more detailed instructions on inviting clients visit our article: How to Invite Clients via Partner Portal | Landlord Studio | Help Center

What you can see from the partner portal?

Through the partner portal, you can view the financial data of your client's connected account via the reporting function.

Log in at any time, select the client account you’d like to view, and instantly generate any of over 18 advanced reports. Reports can be easily exported for further analysis.

This level of access will allow you to ensure your client's accounts are accurate and up to date and will make tax season for you and them a breeze. Plus, with advanced access to their portfolio data throughout the year you can more easily offer value-add services, help your clients achieve their financial goals faster, and increase client retention.

You can also avoid double-handling of data by accessing the Xero integration. This allows you to seamlessly import financial data to an accounting platform you know and love.

About partner program resources

As part of the partner program,m you’ll get a selection of helpful resources.

Partner resources include:

  • A pdf overview of Landlord Studio and its benefits for your accounting practice. This can be used internally to help train your team.

  • A document to share with your tenants This document explains what Landlord Studio is and how it can benefit them.

  • Email templates you can use to share with your tenants to encourage prompt action on their behalf.

  • A downloadable partner badge that you can display proudly on your website.

  • Useful links to tutorial documents and videos.

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