The invite client feature is only accessible by accountant partners who have been assigned the appropriate role. If you have access to the Partner Portal but can't see the "Invite Client" button, please contact support.

If you are not yet a Landlord Studio partner, please scheduled a call with our team.

1. To invite clients to use Landlord Studio, first, you need to log into your partner account. You will be directed to a page showing a list of all of your clients.

2. Click on the "Invite Client" button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Enter the client's details in the pop-up that appears. Please ensure that the first name and email address of the client are provided.

Note: client invites can only be sent to unregistered email addresses. Clients with an existing Landlord Studio account will need to invite you to their Organization as an accountant.

4. An email invite will be sent to the client email address that you enter. Your client then has 30 days to accept the invite.

5. You can review the client's invite statuses by selecting the "Invited Client" tab located near the top of the screen.

6. Clients that accept your invitation (or invited you via their Organization) will appear under the "Active Clients" tab once the invite is accepted.

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