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Keep track of all your rent payments in Landlord Studio. How to enter payments and track rental income.

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Our app makes keeping track of your rent payments incredibly easy. 

  • Note: For USA users you can now connect your bank accounts. This feature allows users to easily and quickly reconcile incoming and outgoing expenses with their bank account.


Log Income on Mobile

Step 1. Select the property you wish to log a payment with.

To navigate to the relevant property, open the menu using the hamburger bar on the top left of the screen.

Scroll down and tap to the property that you want to log a payment for. This will bring you to the screen displayed below.

Step 2. Hit the green ‘Log Payment’ button.

Step 3. Our software will autofill the amount and date, assuming today's date, and the full amount is paid.

You can edit these if they are incorrect or simply tap save.

Create your Own Payment Category

While we have added default categories including deposits, rent, and late fees you might want to create a new income category if you receive income outside of one of these pre-existing categories.

You can easily do this in the general settings. For detailed instructions with screenshots visit our article on creating new categories.

Log a Payment Using the Quick Action Button

(iOS only)

You can log payments quickly using the plus symbol on the home dashboard.

Step 1: Hit the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 2: Tap the‘ Log Income’ icon.

Step 3: Select the relevant property.

Step 4: Check payment details are correct.

Step 5: Save.

Logging Income on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the properties screen via the left-hand menu.

Step 2. Click on your property.

Step 3. Click on the "Log New Payment" button.

Step 4. Check the income details are correct.

Note: Our system works on a payment period basis which you can read about here.

Step 5. Hit save.

Editing Payments

You can edit your payments at any time. To do this navigate to the relevant property dashboard. A the top of the page is an option called “Payment History”.

Tap on “Payment History”, and you will be able to view all your previous payments associated with that lease as well as edit or delete them by tapping on the relevant payment.

Managing Partial or Incorrect Payment Amounts

If the full amount of rent payment for a period has been collected make sure the ‘Mark Payment Period Complete’ toggle is on. This will ensure the system moves onto the next payment period.

If only a partial payment has been taken, turn the “Payment Period Complete” toggle off and edit the amount received. This will then show the outstanding amount on your overview dashboard, and property dashboard and the system will leave this payment period open for future rent payments.

If a tenant overpays, a screen asking whether or not you want to associate the extra payment with the next payment period will appear.

You can create and add new payment categories in your settings.

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