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Add and Upload Documents/Images

You can add or upload documents like lease agreements, and images directly from your device and even from your phone camera.

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Adding documents and receipt images will help you keep everything organized and in one place.


Add Documents to a Property or Organization

To add documents to your property or organization on iOS you will first need to import them into the app.

Step 1. Open the left-hand menu bar and open the property or organization that you would like to add documents to.

Step 2. Select ‘Documents’ at the top, next to the reminders button.

Step 3. You have the option to upload documents for either the property of the lease.

Step 4. You will then get four options. ‘Take Photo’, ‘Choose from your Saved Images’, ‘Choose from your Imported Documents’, 'Choose from other'.

Step 5. Take a picture of the document, choose an image of the document from your device, or select a document previously imported into the app.

Importing Documents from your phone.

Step 1. Open the document on your phone and select the share button.

Step 2. ‘Open in Landlord Studio’. This will import the document into the app.

You can also import documents directly from your emails.

View your Imported Documents:

Step 1. Open the app.

Step 2. Open your settings by tapping the more button on the bottom menu bar.

On Desktop do this by opening the menu bar on the left and select settings.

Step 3. Click on ‘Imported Documents’.

Step 4. This will take you to a page showing all the documents that you have imported. These documents can now be connected to specific properties.

Add Receipts to your Expenses with Landlord Studio

This is great for adding receipts to your expenses! Making your end of year accounting a whole lot easier.

Step 1. Navigate to property or organization.

Step 2. Select 'Expenses', ‘Add New Expense’ or select an expense to edit.

Step 3. Click on the camera icon in the top right.

Step 4. You will then get four options. ‘Take Photo’, ‘Choose from your Saved Images’, ‘Choose from your Imported Documents’, 'Choose from other'.

Selecting "take photo" will allow you to use our smart scan feature will automatically read and import the details of the receipt into the app.

Add Documents on Desktop

You can store important documents securely on our cloud server by uploading them to our desktop portal. You can upload lease documents or other important documents. 

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property.

Step 2.  Select either Lease or Other Documents and click 'Add Document".

Step 3. Choose a document from your computer.

Step 4. Add a description and save.

Add Receipts to Expenses on Desktop

Whilst adding an expense click "Choose File". Select a file from your computer to upload with the expense. 

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