Upload Documents from Cloud Storage

You can now upload documents to store in Landlord Studio directly from your cloud storage.

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You can upload documents directly from your cloud storage on iOS and Android, including G-Drive, One Drive, and more.

With cloud storage upload you simply need to select the storage folder and document eg. a lease document currently stored in your Google Drive, and you can upload the file directly from there.

Upload Documents from Cloud Storage On Android

Step 1: Open Landlord Studio

Step 2: Navigate to the relevant property

Step 3: Select Documents to navigate to the documents page.

Step 4: Click on Add document

Step 5: Tap on "Take Photo or Choose a File" to upload your document.

You will then be able to choose whether to take a photo using your camera, select a file from your phone's storage, or choose a cloud drive such as Google Drive to upload the document from.

Step 6: Select the document you want to upload.

Step 7: Edit the document name if needed.

Step 8: Add a description.

Step 8: Hit save.

Upload Documents from Cloud Storage On iOS

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant cloud drive on your device.

Step 2: Select the document.

Step 3: Choose to share the document.

Step 4: Share with Landlord Studio to import the document to Landlord Studio.

The document will now be in your imported documents in the app and you will need to link it to the relevant property.

Step 5: Open the app.

Step 6: Navigate to your property.

Step 7: Click on the documents page.

Step 8: Select upload. Choose from your imported documents to link it to this property.

Step 9: Adjust the name and description as needed.

Step 10: Hit Save.

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