If you are on the Growth or Scale plan – multiple users can be given access to a single account through their own login details if needed. 

However, it's important to note we do not yet offer the ability to grant limited or tiered access meaning that any linked accounts will have full access to your account.

How to add additional users to your account

First, please ask the person you want to give access to create an account on Landlord Studio using their email address.

Second, please email us at help@landlordstudio.com from the email address currently registered to your Landlord Studio account informing us of your partner’s email address that they recently used to set up an account with.

We will then connect the accounts and the next time they log in with their email address they will see the data associated with your account.

Read-only access: You can now invite your accountant to have view-only access to your data so that they can run reports and help you stay on top of your accounts here.

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