Add Your Accountant

Invite your accountant to have view only access to your data so that they can run reports and help you stay on top of your accounts.

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You can now invite your account to have view-only access to your reports.

To Invite your Accountant

(Currently on desktop only)

Step 1: Log in to our desktop portal.

Step 2: Click on "More"

Step 3: Select "Users and Permissions".

Step 4: Click “Invite User”.

Step 5: Enter your accountant’s name, email address, and a personal message.

They will be added to the user page showing their status as pending.

Your accountant will then receive an email with a unique link to set up their account.

Once they click on it and enter a password they will have full access to the same reporting functionality as you.

They can log in at any time to view your account and run reports. They cannot view your dashboard, your individual properties, or edit any data.

On your page, you can view who has access to your account at any time and revoke that access using the three dots to the right of their status chip.

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