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Dashboard Filters and Quick Links
Dashboard Filters and Quick Links

Manage your dashboard with these features.

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You can adjust filters on your dashboard and quickly navigate the software using these features.

Set your dashboard filters the dashboard on mobile

  1. Open the app

  2. Tap on the filter button on the top right of the screen

  3. You can then filter by payment categories, expense categories, as well as properties.

  4. Tap "Save" to apply your filters.

Important: The filter does not automatically reset. To return the filter to default settings return back to the filter option and reselect the filters you previously deselected. You can use the select all filter option to do this quickly and easily.

Additionally, you can adjust the date range for the cash flow graph on your property dashboard.

  • To do this tap on the first or last date to open a drop-down date selector.

Using Quicklinks on Mobile

The quick links on the dashboard allow you to easily manage your overdue and upcoming expenses. This also acts as a reminder for you.

To use these, simply tap on the expense card on your dashboard.

This will take you to a page displaying all your expenses broken down by property and split into three categories:

  • All,

  • Unpaid expenses,

  • and Tenant Payable Expenses.

Adjusting the Filters on our Desktop Portal

Just like on on mobile, you can filter by payment categories, expense categories, as well as by property.

  1. Log in to your account here:

  2. Select the properties you want to see your financial data for.

  3. Select the income and expense categories you want to analyze.

  4. You can also set a specific date range for the cash flow graph and expense category graph.

Setting your filters will affect your account across all devices.

Quicklinks on Desktop

There are also quick link options on ur desktop portal. However, there is currently no expense quick link option.

Instead, you have the option to click on the upcoming and overdue rent cards. This will take you to your properties page where your properties are split into sections for overdue rent, upcoming rent, and vacant properties in that order.

Tap on the property under overdue rent to manage this property's income.

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