You can easily generate a Schedule E report on Landlord Studio to make filling out IRS Schedule E form 1040 for your properties as easy as possible.

Run a Schedule E report on Mobile

Step 1. Navigate to reports. On the app, you can find reports on the bottom menu bar. On desktop via the left-hand menu.

Step 2. Select "Schedule E Report" as the report type.

Step 3. Select the properties you want to run the report for.

Step 4. You can additionally filter by date range and categories.

Step 5. Hit run report.

Step 6. You can then share the report by email or download it to print from your device.

Run a Schedule E report on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the dashboard and hit reports.

Step 2. Click the View button under Schedule E Report.

Step 3. Fill out the relevant information and hit Run Report.

Find out more about running reports on Landlord Studio.

The schedule e report shows all your expenses for each property, collapsing multi-unit buildings into single sections. This allows you to simply copy across the expenses into the relevant fields on the IRS Schedule E form 1040.

You can download the Schedule E form 1040 from the IRS website.

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