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Unreconcile and Ignore Transactions – Mobile
Unreconcile and Ignore Transactions – Mobile

You can now unreconcile erroneously reconciled transactions and remove unrelated ones from your bank feed.

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We've rolled out the ability to unreconcile and ignore transactions to mobile.

This allows you to unreconcile a transaction made incorrectly, for example, against the wrong unit quickly and easily from the bank feeds page and delete the related transaction that was created simultaneously.

Additionally, we have created an option to remove/ignore transactions that aren’t related to your property from your bank feed.

Tap unreconcile and you will be given the option to delete the corresponding transaction.

Hit the three dots to ignore a transaction. This will remove it from your bank feed.

This feature is available on both desktop and on mobile devices.

What You Need To know

Landlord Studio allows you to connect your bank account and import transactions automatically, which makes reconciling your accounts easier and faster. In this guide, we will walk you through how to unreconcile transactions and ignore irrelevant ones.

  • This feature is currently only available in the USA, UK, and Canada.

  • We have partnered with Plaid and will be rolling this feature out to the rest of the world as they expand into new countries.

  • When choosing your subscription plan it's important to note that Bank feeds is only available on our PRO plan.

Unreconcile a Transaction

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to bank feeds.

Step 3: Select the relevant account.

Step 4: Locate the reconciled transaction you want to unreconcile.

Step 5: Click on the 3 dots beside the greyed-out button that reads reconciled.

Step 6: Select "Unreconcile".

Step 7: You will get a pop-up that asks if you want to delete the corresponding expense.

Step 8: Select yes if you do and this will erase the income or expense from the location it was reconciled against.

The expense will now show up in your bank feed ready to be reconciled.

Ignore a Transaction

Not every transaction is a deductible expense or a related income that needs to be tracked for your end-of-year taxes.

For those transactions in your account that are not relevant to your rental property and you don’t want to track you can ignore them to remove them from your feed.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to bank feeds.

Step 3: Select the relevant account.

Step 4: Click on the 3 little dots next to the unreconciled transaction.

Step 5: Select Ignore.

Step 6: The transaction will be removed from your feed and you will no longer be able to reconcile it.

Note: You can undo this at any time via the desktop portal.

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