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Online Rent Collection Reminders

Online Rent Collection is enabled for my property's lease. Will my tenants get automated reminders?

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Tenant rent reminders and rent overdue reminders are automatically sent if your invited tenants have yet to schedule payments online via the tenant portal.

If you have initially set up automated reminders for your property and then enable online rent collection, the system will override existing scheduled rent reminders and these options are greyed out on the Edit Lease page.

This exception will not apply if the landlord has manually logged payments for properties where online rent collection is enabled.

Your tenants will automatically receive the following rent reminders by e-mail if online rent collection is enabled for the property. (Note: Please check to ensure your tenant's e-mail address is correct and up-to-date.)

Automated Email Reminders

  • 5 days before the rent is due:

  • On the day the rent is due:

  • 1 day after the payment is due (Overdue Rent Payment):

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