Setting Automated Reminders

Add reminders for yourself and your tenants to make sure important tasks are not forgotten.

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There are several ways you can set and use reminders in our app.

To use this function you will need to have added your property, lease, and tenant details, including an email address for both yourself and your tenant.

If you are on a guest account you can set up your email by clicking the blue banner at the top to add an email address.

In this article, we will explore both kinds of reminders as well as how to use them most efficiently.


On Mobile

On Desktop


Setting Rent Reminders for Tenants

Step 1: Open up the property/unit you wish to set tenant rent reminders for.

Step 2: Click on the pencil icon to the right (and down) of the log payment button to edit the current lease.

Step 3: Scroll down to the section labeled ‘Email Alerts’.

Step 4: Expand the Email Alerts section and set the number of days before the rent’s due, or after the rent’s overdue for reminder emails to be sent out.

  • Note 2: Our default setting is to CC landlords into all communications that go out to tenants, this can be edited in settings also.

Setting Personal Reminders

You can set personal reminders that will send you an email notification so you never forget important inspections again.

This also acts as a kind of to-do list.

Step 1. Open up the property or organization that you want to set a reminder for.

Step 2. Click on the bell-shaped ‘Reminders’ icon at the top.

Step 3. Click on the + symbol in the top right-hand corner to create a new reminder.

Step 4. Enter the details of the reminder. You can add additional notes as well if there are any specific details you want to remind yourself of.

Step 5. Hit save.

Step 6. Your reminder will now show up in the app and alert you via email at the time specified.

Adding Reminders Using the Quick Action Button

(iOS only)

Step 1: Starting from your account dashboard tap on the blue + icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Tap the Add Reminder bell icon.

Step 3: Select the property or organization.

Step 4: Enter the details of the reminder and tap save.


Setting Tenant Rent Reminders

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property via the left-hand menu bar.

Step 2. Click on edit lease.

Step 3. Scroll down to the email alerts section, hit the drop-down arrow next to Tenant Rent Reminder and change it to yes.

Step 4. Set the number of days you want an automated rent reminder email to be sent out before and after the rent is due.

Step 5. Hit save

Setting Personal Reminders on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property via the left-hand menu bar.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the property dashboard to the section labeled "Reminders".

Step 3. Click on "Add New Reminder"

Step 4. Set the details of the reminder and when you want to be reminded.

Step 5. Hit save.

You will be notified by email at the time of the reminder.

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