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Paying Late Fees and Making Partial Payments
Paying Late Fees and Making Partial Payments

Why have late fees been applied and how do you pay them with Online rent collection?

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Late fees and Online Rent Collect FAQs

Why have late fees been applied?

Late fees will be applied if you don’t initiate your rent payment before the rent due date

How can I avoid late fees in the future?

To avoid late fees being applied to your rent amount make sure to log in and initiate your payment before the rent due date each month.

The most assured way to avoid late fees is to enable auto-pay. This feature allows you to set up automatic rent payments to your landlord.

When you enable auto-pay you will be asked when you want the funds to be withdrawn from your account. Payments can take several days to reach your landlord account, so it’s a good idea to initiate payments a few days before the rent due date. If your payment fails you then have an opportunity to try again or reach out to your landlord to discuss alternative payment methods.

What if I think these late fees are a mistake?

If you think there is an issue or you believe you have been wrongfully charged late fees contact your landlord immediately.

Can I pay late fees at a later date?

You will be asked to pay the full rent amount and any applicable late fees. If you want to change when you pay your late fees or split your rent payment in another way you will need to talk to your landlord.

If your landlord agrees to allow you to split your payments he will enable partial payments for you and you will be able to adjust the payment amount. This amount is not normally adjustable.

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