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Running a Tenant Screening Report for a New Tenant Application
Running a Tenant Screening Report for a New Tenant Application

Collect and prescreen new applicants via Landlord Studio rental listings and run a comprehensive screening report on qualifying tenants.

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About Landlord Studio Tenant Screening Reports

We provide comprehensive TransUnion SmartMove reports. These reports include a Background and Credit Check + Criminal History Check + Eviction Report. Landlords can choose to pay for the report themselves or pass the cost onto their tenants.

The tenant screening reports cost $40.

Note: According to state law, if you are based in New York the landlord must pay for the screening application. Additionally, landlords can’t request full eviction history. Instead, our reports will contain Background and Credit Checks + Criminal History (No Eviction Report).

Tenant screening reports will expire after 60 days due the the sensitive credit information contained in the reports. Credit information is always changing and updating so the reports will expire to protect the information contained in the report but to also avoid reporting any information that may be out of date. We recommend downloading and saving the PDF copy of screening reports in your personal storage for future reference.

How to view tenant applications and start a new tenant screening

Step 1: Log into your Landlord Studio account at or via the app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Select “Screening” in the left-hand menu.

You will see your current tenant applicants.

Step 3: Click on the tenant you wish to view.

The tenant's details and their answers to your prescreening questions will appear here.

Step 4: At the top of the page, click the button “Start Background Check”.

Step 5: We will auto-populate most of the fields. Simply check everything is correct, fill in any of the blanks such as the landlord name and hit submit.


We have enabled the option for landlords to pay for the tenant screening report. Landlords in New York will not have this option and will be required to pay for the report according to New York state law.

If you don’t check this option the tenant will be required to pay when they complete the tenant screening report.

If you do select this option you will be navigated to our partner Rentprep’s payment portal. Complete the payment to finish the background check request.

Step 6: Once you have completed the tenant screening request you will see a tenant screening status. Check back once your tenant has completed the report and select “View Report”.

About Tenant Screening Report Statuses

You will see a notification telling you the current status of the report. Once the tenant has filled out and paid for the report it takes around half an hour for the report to show up in the app.

Statuses you might see

In Progress. This means your tenant has received the email invitation but has not completed and paid for the tenant screening report. Check back shortly once your tenant has submitted and paid. If this status does not change, contact your tenant applicant to ensure they received the email invite.

Ready. This means the report is ready to view. Click on “View Report” to access it.

Declined. This means the tenant has declined your invitation to start a tenant screening report. You will need to restart the process.

Waiting for Payment. This means the payment is processing but has not yet been completed.

Payment Expired. This means the landlord did not complete the payment within the required time. You will need to restart the process.

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