As part of the process to create your rental listing with Landlord Studio, you will be asked if you want to set up a prescreening questionnaire. This questionnaire will allow you to gather initial information on tenants to decide if they meet your minimum criteria.

When a tenant hits apply they will then be asked to answer the questions you selected.

Once they submit their answers you will be notified and the tenant will be created in the landlord studio system as an applicant.

How to Manage Tenant Applications

Step 1: Log in to the landlord studio desktop portal.

Step 2: Click on rental listings in the side menu

Step 3: View applicants by clicking the “Applicants” tab at the top.

Step 4: Click on the tenant to open their details.

You will be able to see all the tenant’s details on this page including their answers to the pre-screening questionnaire.

If you didn’t enable any prescreening questions you will see this page instead of the above.

Step 5: If the tenant meets your minimum criteria you can then run a tenant screening report by clicking on “Start Background Check”

The tenant will need to fill out their details and pay. Then the report will be generated and accessible in the Landlord Studio system.

Step 6: You can then offer or decline the tenant’s application by email.

Step 7: Once they’ve accepted and signed the lease you can set up the new lease details in the Landlord Studio system and link the new tenant.

Step 8: Enable “Online Rent Collection” and invite the tenant to start collecting rent through the Landlord Studio system.

How do I respond to questions from my leads?

You will receive a Landlord Studio email when a prospect sends you a message via your listing site. To respond, simply select reply from the mail client of your choice.

When you receive a message from a prospective renter, we’ll notify you via email, along with the contact details of the lead. To respond, simply click reply using the email directly. Alternatively, if you would like to fast-track the selection process by conducting a background check, simply click on the "Start Background Check" button at the bottom of the email. This will take you to our tenant screening feature in Landlord Studio.

How do I start tenant screening?

You can run a background check and tenant screening report using Landlord Studio. To start a new tenant screening report, follow the app instruction after clicking "Start Background Check" or simply follow the instructions in Tenant Screening (USA Only).

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