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Xero: Transactions Page and Troubleshooting
Xero: Transactions Page and Troubleshooting

About the Xero transactions page and how to use it to troubleshoot sync errors.

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Transaction Statuses

Besides each transaction line will be a simple status symbol. This will show as either green, orange, or red.

Green: This means the transaction has been successfully synced with Xero. No action is required.

Orange: This means the transaction is currently being processed and should appear in Xero within the next 15 minutes. No action is required at this stage.

Red: This means the transaction has failed to sync to Xero. Action required.

Why has my transaction not synced?

The most likely reason a transaction has not yet synced to Xero is that the API has not completed the request yet. In this case, the transaction will have an orange status. Check again in 15 minutes.

If the status is red, the sync failed. There are several reasons a transaction may have failed to sync.

It may be due to incorrect mapping.

  • The category for this particular expense is not mapped to a correlating category in your Xero chart of accounts.

  • The property is not mapped to a bank account.

Alternately, we could not respond to the API request. This could be due to reasons such as Xero temporarily going down. Whilst rare, this could result in unsynced transactions. Simply resync the transaction to resolve.

What to do if a transaction fails to sync?

First, simply select the transaction, click on "More Actions", and click “Resync”.

If it fails again you will want to check your account mapping and ensure the income or expense category is mapped to a correlating category in your Xero chart of accounts.

What to do if Landlord Studio and Xero don’t add up?

If at the end of the month, quarter, or year, your transactions in the two platforms do not add up then you will want to double-check that all transactions entered into Landlord Studio have synced.

1) Navigate to the transactions page in Landlord Studio.

Now you can filter the transactions to show only failed transactions.

2) Select each of the unsynced transactions, select "More Actions" and click "Resync". As long as your accounts are properly mapped this could request the API to update.

3) If this still fails, navigate to the integrations mapping page and check that each of your properties is mapped to a bank account and that all of the relevant income and expense categories are mapped to a corresponding category in your chart of accounts.

4) Now retry to sync.

If after checking the transaction mapping and waiting for up to 15 minutes the resync continues to fail, there could be corrupt data. The best solution in this scenario is to delete the transaction in Landlord Studio and recreate it.

What about income and expenses logged via bank feeds or collected automatically via ACH?

All income and expenses logged into the system, whether this is manually, or through one of our time-saving features such as reconciling transactions via bank feeds, or automatically logging income collected via ACH, will be automatically synced to your connected Xero account.

When you collect rent via ACH we will log a positive line item for the collected rent and a negative line item for the ACH fee in Xero.

If you reconcile a split transaction in bank feeds we will log each of the transactions as separate line items in Xero. However, it will only show as one transaction on the Landlord Studio transaction page.

How to Check Your Landlord Studio vs Xero Accounts

If you don’t think something is adding up, you can compare the transaction as shown on the Landlord Studio transaction page against the transaction history in Xero.

In Xero

  • Go to

  • Select the relevant transaction

  • Click on History.

  • This will show you the transaction history and each of the pushes committed from Landlord Studio.

In Landlord Studio

  • Go to integrations

  • Select Xero

  • Click on Transactions

  • Search for the expense in the search bar or using the filters.

  • Compare this with the Xero history.

What happens if you edit or delete a transaction in Landlord Studio?

Should you need to edit a transaction in Landlord Studio, for example, you've misentered an expense amount, simply navigate to the property in Landlord Studio, click on the expense, edit the details that are wrong and hit save.

We will then automatically update the transaction in Xero.

What happens if you delete a late fee but leave the main transaction?

When you create a new income transaction with a late fee in Landlord STudio we will create a single transaction item on the Landlord Studio transaction page for the total amount. In Xero, we will create a corresponding transaction with multiple line items showing the original rent amount and the total late fee.

When you edit a rent payment we will then auto-update the corresponding transaction in Xero. This includes if you delete the late fee from a rent collection.

In this example, you will see an updated transaction in the Landlord Studio transaction page reflecting the new transaction amount. In Xero, the line item corresponding to the late fee will be deleted (or edited). You will be able to view the history of the API transaction requests by clicking on History under the transaction in Xero.

What happens when you create an unpaid expense in Landlord Studio?

Unpaid expenses are ignored by the API until you mark them as paid.

As soon as an expense is marked as paid and saved as such, we will sync the transaction to Xero.

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