Unlock Unlimited Free Units On GO

Collect rent with Landlord Studio and unlock unlimited free units on GO.

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Your first 3 units are completely free. And when you enable and use our online rent collection service on at least one of your units we’ll give you unlimited free units on the GO plan.

Online Rent Collection is a fast, quick, and secure way to collect rent online and is free for landlords (there is a $2.50 transaction fee paid for by the tenant). Learn more.

Landlord Studio GO gives you the basic tools you need to stay on top of your expenses. And with GO Unlimited you can use Landlord Studio to collect rent for all your properties no matter your portfolio size - completely free.

You can upgrade to PRO at any time to unlock powerful automation features.

What You Get With Landlord Studio PRO

Advanced Reporting

Available on PRO

Instantly generate any of over 15+ customizable reports and download them straight to your device or email them from the app. Our reports are accountant-approved and ready to go.

Learn more about PRO reporting here.

Smart Receipt Scan

Available on PRO

Easily digitize receipts with our smart scan feature. This feature allows you to snap a picture of a receipt using your phone. Landlord Studio reads the receipts and inputs the details for you and saves the digitized receipt safely.

Try it free with GO and store up to 10 documents. Upgrade to PRO to unlock unlimited storage.

Learn how to scan receipts here.

Bank Feeds Integration

Available on PRO

Connect your bank account and automate your income and expense tracking in Landlord Studio. Bank Feeds imports your bank transactions so you don't forget income/expense transactions. This is essential for keeping on top of larger portfolios with multiple bank accounts and will help ensure your financial tracking is accurate.

Learn how to track your income and expenses with Bank Feeds here.

Xero Integration

Available on PRO

Connect Landlord Studio with your Xero accounts. This one-way integration automatically synchronizes all transactions entered into Landlord Studio with your Xero accounts. This allows you to leverage Xero’s industry-leading accounting and reporting functionality.

Learn how to set up Xero with Landlord Studio here.

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