How do I become a Landlord Studio partner?

If you are not yet a Landlord Studio partner, please scheduled a call with our team.

Can I get full access to the client org?

Access is currently limited to Reports and Xero Integration only. We are planning to provide deeper access to the client's organization. Stay tuned in this area.

What if my client didn't accept the invite in 30 days?

For security reasons, the client invitation email is only valid for 30 days. You set up a new invitation for the same email address after 30 days.

Can I revoke a pending invite?

Yes, invites can be revoked as long as the client has yet to accept the invite.

What happens when my client accepts the invite?

Your client will be guided through our onboarding journey across all channels. For more information, please visit our help docs for Landlords.

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