How to Pay Rent Online

Learn how to manually schedule and cancel scheduled payments.

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Landlord Studio empowers tenants to pay rent online. To initiate payments, you need to first connect your bank account.

Once your bank is connected you can log in via the desktop portal or tenant app to view your payment history and upcoming payments, enable auto-pay, and manually schedule rent payments.


Landlord Studio has partnered with Dwolla to securely process online rent payments is the ACH network. For more information, please visit our rent payments FAQs page or learn more about Dwolla's security here.

How to schedule a payment

If you choose not to enable online rent payments you will need to log in via the desktop portal or tenant app and manually schedule payments each month. You can enable auto-pay at any time.

Follow the steps below to manually schedule a payment:

  1. Find the "Payments due" table as shown in the screenshot below:

    Note: Landlord Studio displays any overdue payments or upcoming payments due within the next three months.

  2. Locate the upcoming rent payment you wish to schedule and click on [Pay].

  3. Verify the payment amount and date that the payment will be withdrawn from your account.

    Depending on your lease agreement, you may be subject to a $2.50 convenience fee per payment.

  4. Select [Pay now] to confirm the payment.

  5. The payment status will change to "Scheduled" to show the payment has successfully been scheduled.

  6. Payments are collected daily at 4pm CST. Once collected, the payment status will change to "Processing".

    Note: Landlord Studio's online rent payments system operates via the ACH network. Payments take 3-5 business days to process. Once processed the payment status will change again to indicate the payment was successfully completed.

How to cancel a scheduled payment

You can cancel a scheduled payment as long as you do so before 4pm CST of the day the payment is scheduled.

Follow these steps to cancel a scheduled payment:

  1. Locate the payment you wish to cancel in the "Payments due" table.

  2. The payment will be marked as "Scheduled" to indicate it is currently scheduled to be withdrawn from your bank account.

    Click on the arrow under the "Action" column to expand the list to reveal the details of the linked payments.

  3. Click on the "Cancel" button found in the Action column. Please keep in mind that you can only cancel payments that were scheduled using your logged-in user account.

  4. Confirm the cancel payment action by choosing [Cancel Payment].

  5. Upon successfully requesting a cancellation, the status of the rent payment period will be updated.

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