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How to Connect, Change or Remove Bank Account
How to Connect, Change or Remove Bank Account

To manage payments online you need to first securely connect a bank account.

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To make online payments link your bank account by following the steps below.

Landlord Studio utilizes Plaid for this process. For most supported banks, you can establish a real-time connection. Alternatively, you can link your account by providing your account numbers, which usually takes 1-2 business days.

Plaid uses high levels of encryption protocols paired with MFA and 24/7 security surveillance to ensure you're data is kept safe. Read more here.

How to Connect Your Bank Account

  1. Select [+ Add bank] from the Bank Account widget located at the top of the page. This will take you through a flow managed by Plaid.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions from Plaid to complete your setup.

  3. Type in the name or Select your financial institution from the list.

    3a. If you can't find your financial institution in the list, no need to worry. You can still connect by selecting the "Link with account numbers" option.

    3b. If you chose the "Link with account numbers" option, you'll be prompted to authorize a $0.01 deposit from Plaid into your account. This may take up to 1 business day. After you've received the deposit, please return to the Tenant Portal to finalize the process.

  4. Select the appropriate account you'd like to pay rent from

  5. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the setup process.

  6. The Bank Account widget will refresh once your account connection is established.

How to Change Bank Account

To switch your designated bank account, choose the "More" menu option.

Keep in mind that you cannot switch your bank account when you have a payment in progress.

To change your bank account, click on te three dots on the bank account widget, and select [Change] from the menu. You will then be guided you through the Plaid bank connection process to link a new account.

How to Remove Bank Account

To delete a bank account, click on the [Remove] option in the menu.

Please be aware that removing your bank account will turn off Autopay and cancel any upcoming scheduled payments.

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