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How to Setup a Tenant Account
How to Setup a Tenant Account

Create a tenant account to manage rent payments, submit maintenance requests and more.

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To create your tenant account you first need to request an invitation from your landlord.

The invitation will be delivered to your email inbox.

If you already have a tenant account but have moved into a new rental, this invitation will link your account to your new lease (make sure to use the same email address).

Once you've completed the setup you can use the tenant portal to handle rent payments, submit maintenance requests, and check your payment history.

How to Setup a Tenant Account

  1. Locate the email invite from your landlord in your inbox.

    Note: Check your spam folders. If you still can't find it make sure your landlord has the right email address and request they send it again.

    Below is an example of an email invite if your landlord has enabled online rent collection.

2. Proceed by selecting the [Complete My Setup] button from the email. You will be directed to a password setup page.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and select [Next] to complete the initial account setup progress.

4. You will then be directed to the Tenant Portal. Here you can view your payment history, submit maintenance requests, and set up online rent collection.

Note: You will not see the option to connect your bank account or setup autopay if your landlord has not enabled online rent collection.

Download the Tenant App

You can now find the Tenant App on both Apple AppStore and Google Play. For the best mobile experience, we suggest downloading the tenant app.

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