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Adding and Editing Tenant Details
Adding and Editing Tenant Details

How to add your first tenant, adding tenants to leases, and editing tenant information.

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Adding tenants to your properties allows you to easily contact your tenant from the app using our handy email and SMS templates (or you can make your own templates!).


To add a tenant, navigate to where you want to add the property. This can either mean adding it to your app contact book (for prospective tenants) or to one of your properties (for current tenants). 

Add a Current Tenant to a Property on Mobile

Step 1: Use the hamburger menu bar at the top left-hand corner of the screen to select the relevant property. Then tap on the ‘Add Tenant’ box on your property dashboard.

Step 2. Fill out their details.

  • Note: You will need to add an email and phone number to their details if you want to set up automated reminders or contact them through the app later.

  • Note: You can also import contacts from your phone's contacts by tapping on the diary icon next to the ‘First Name’ option. You will need to enable permissions for the app to access your contacts.

Step 3. Hit save and this tenant is now connected with the property.

To View and Edit Tenants on Mobile

You can view your tenants' details from the property dashboard or from the tenants' tab in the left-hand menu.

Step 1. Open the menu bar on the left and tap on the “Tenants” tab under “Other”.

Step 2. You can click between Previous, Current, and Prospective (future).

Step 3. Once a tenant has been added, you can edit them in this window or from the property window.

  • Note: You can add future/ prospective tenants here, and link them to your property at a later date.

Using the Quick Action Button to Add Tenants

You can also use the quick action button on the home dashboard to add new/prospective tenants.

  1. Tap on the plus icon.

  2. Select “Add New/ Prospective Tenant”

  3. Enter the tenant details.

  4. Hit Save.

  5. You can link this tenant to a lease when they move into the property.

Adding Tenants To Desktop

How to Add a Current Tenant to a Property.

Step 1. Navigate to the properties screen via the left-hand menu.

Step 2. Click on your property.

Step 3. Click on Add/ Link Tenant.

Step 4.  Enter your tenant’s information.

Note: If you want to use our email and SMS features for things like automated rent reminder emails or common email communications you will need to enter an accurate email address and mobile number for your tenant.

Step 5. Hit Save

Note: You can repeat this process to add as many tenants to a property as needed.

How to Add a Prospective Tenant

You can add prospective tenants into the app and link them to a property at a later date if needed. This is important for scenarios such as using our tenant screening service (the US only).

Step 1. Navigate to the Contacts tab, then the tenant’s screen via the left-hand menu.

Step 2. Click "Add New Tenant".

Step 3.  Enter your tenant’s information.

Step 4. Hit Save.

Additional Notes:

  • You will be able to see all current and prospective tenants on this page

  • You can manage your current past and prospective tenants from this page. Simply tap on view/ edit tenant.

  • You can link prospective tenants to a property via the relevant property at any time.

Below we have a short video which outlines some of the key tenant management features of Landlord Studio

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