Schedule Rent Change

If your rent changes during the term of a lease, you can adjust it in the app without having to create a new lease.

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Schedule Rent Change on Mobile

Step 1. Open up the relevant property dashboard.

Step 2. Select ‘Schedule Rent Changes’ which is under the green ‘Log Payment’ button.

Step 3. Select ‘Add New Rent’ in the top right corner.

Step 4. Enter the date that you want the rent to change to come into effect, and then enter the new rent amount.

Step 5. The new rent amount will automatically change and display on your property dashboard as soon as the final amount from the previous rent has been paid.

Note: You can edit future scheduled rent changes in the ‘Schedule Rent Change’ page anytime you want.

Schedule Rent Change on Desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property via the left-hand menu bar.

Step 2. Click on "Edit Lease".

Step 3. Click on the "Rent Change" button next to the rent amount.

Step 4. Click on "Add New Rent Change".

Step 5. Enter the date the rent change takes effect and the new amount of the rent and hit save.

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