You can either add in your mortgage details when you add a property or at a later date. Adding these details helps you gain a better overview of your portfolio yield and net worth.

To Add Mortgage Details to a Property

Step 1. Open the menu bar and select the property you wish to view, add, or edit mortgage details.

If you haven't already added the property do so by following the instructions in this article here.

Step 2. Click on the blue pencil edit icon just above "Payment History". This will take you to the "Edit Property" page.

Step 3. Scroll down and click on ‘Mortgage Details’.

  • Note 1: You can easily add these details when you set up the property - or come back to it and add them later.

  • Note 2: Adding the loan amount, interest rate and loan term will auto-fill the sections below.

Step 4. Hit the back arrow.

Step 5. Click 'Save' to save any changes made.

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