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Frequently asked questions from tenants about Online Rent Collection

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In this article, we cover some of the common questions have when it comes to setting up and paying their rent through the Landlord Studio system. If you don't see the answers you're looking for here, feel free to reach out at help@landlordstudio.com.

What if I don't receive an email with a link to set up online rent collection?

There are a couple of reasons that you may not have received an email with a unique link. The first is because the email has gone into your spam folder. As such please double-check. If you still haven't received an email after checking your spam folders it could also be because your landlord entered your email address into the system incorrectly.

Note: Please check your spam folder for an invitation link

To resolve this we suggest letting your landlord know you haven't yet received an email to set up online rent collection.

Additionally, you can reach out to us directly at help@landlordstudio.com and we should be able to help you.

Can I turn off Auto-Pay?

You can turn off auto-pay at any time. However, we recommend using the auto-pay feature to make sure your rent payments are made on time each month and you avoid any potential late fees.

When should I set the rent payment day for?

Currently, funds take between 3-5 business days to reach your landlord's account. As such we've enabled a feature that allows you to schedule the date for funds to be withdrawn from your account a number of days before the rent due date.

Setting this date as 3 - 5 days before the rent due date should allow your rent payment to arrive on time and ensure you avoid potential late fees.

How do I log into the Tenant Portal?

You can log into the tenant portal here: https://tenant.landlordstudio.com/ using the email address and password you first set.

Is there a Tenant App?

Yes! To make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of your payments we've launched the Landlord Studio tenant app.

You will need to first set up your account by following the unique link that is emailed to you when your landlord invites you to pay online. Once you've created your account on the tenant portal, simply download the tenant app onto your mobile device and log in with your email and password.

Via the app, you can review upcoming and historical payments, turn auto-pay on or off, pay tenant payable expenses, and even submit maintenance requests.

What if I lose My Password?

If you lose your password or can't remember it, please click on the fort password option on the login page and reset your password using your login email address.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

No. We currently only allow rent payments via ACH bank transfer.

Can I view the tenant payable expense receipts/attachments?

Yes, you can download and view the expense receipt/invoice attachment by logging into the tenant portal and finding it next to the expense.

Who pays the ACH payment processing fee?

By default, landlords are asked to pay the processing fee. However, they can assign the fee to you.

If you are assigned the fee you will see it clearly outlined in the tenant portal under "Convenience Fee".

Tenants pay a flat rate of $2.50 per transaction.

This should be discussed prior to the event and if you have questions or wish to pay your rent using an alternative tool we recommend reaching out to your landlord to discuss your options.

What happens if my landlord adjusts the rent or online rent collection settings during the tenancy?

Under limited circumstances, the landlord might increase or decrease the rent or assign the payment processing fee to you during the tenancy.

If this is the case, auto-pay will be turned off and you will receive an email notification (such as the one below) asking you to review and confirm the change.

Have any further questions? Email us at help@landlordstudio.com

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