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Online Rent Collection Security Verification
Online Rent Collection Security Verification

We have implemented strict security protocols to keep customers safe when using our online rent collection feature.

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With over 50 years of combined experience in financial security, we understand more than anyone the importance of having thorough security when it comes to financial transactions.

As such, in order to ensure the complete protection of our customers from financial fraud, we have implemented strict security protocols which customers will need to go through to use our online rent collection feature.

Here's a guide on how to complete the 2-step verification process.

Further checks may be necessary on a case by case basis. We may call you for further verification or in some cases, we will request for additional documents such as your lease documents or your property deed as required by our Internal Risk Team.

Part 1: Landlord Studio Security Verification

Step 2: Select Whether You are Using a Business or Personal Account

Select "personal account" if you're collecting the rental income under your person name.

Select "business account" is when you're collecting income under a business entity ie. Corporation, Partnership, LLC.

Step 3: Enter your details

Fill out the form with the key details requested on this page including first and last name, and date of birth.

Make sure the information you provide matches exactly the ID you've chosen to use.

Note: Please ensure the address provided is a physical address and NOT a P.O Box.

Step 4: Select your ID type and upload a clear photo. You will need to have one of the following to hand:

  • your passport,

  • driver's license (front

    and back),

  • or your State ID (if applicable).

You can choose to take a photo or upload an existing one from your camera roll.

Note: Please upload actual photos of your ID. Scanned copies will be rejected.

Please ensure the image is clear and readable.

Hit "Submit" when ready.

Step 5: You will then be asked to submit a video selfie.

Take a video selfie using your device camera in good lighting. Hold your ID steady next to your face as directed for up to 10 seconds.

Hit Start Recording when ready.

You may need to grant access to your camera and microphone. Allow this to continue.

Hit Record to begin recording.

When done, click Submit.

We will then review, verify and enable online rent collection within 24 hours of receiving your application.

How we protect your identity documents.

Your documents will be temporarily stored on our secure servers. After a manual confirmation of your identity, the documents will be deleted and online rent collection enabled on your account.

What Happens If the Security Verification Fails?

There are several reasons why the security verification might fail.

  1. If your ID does not exactly match the personal details you entered.

  2. The ID is unclear, blurry, or cropped.

  3. You do not appear to be the owner of the ID

To resolve this please try reuploading your ID. If this still fails you can reach out to us at

Part 2: Verification with our payments platform provider Dwolla

Once we have identified that you are the owner of the ID we will pass the required verification details on to our payments provider Dwolla who will run their own security check.

This next step is necessary to securely connect your bank account to receive funds. You do not need to do anything else at this time as this will be entirely handled by Landlord Studio and our payments provider Dwolla.

All done! You will get a confirmation that Online Rent Collection is now enabled.

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