What You Need To know

  • This feature is available in the US only.

  • Online Rent Collection gives tenants the ability to transfer rent directly into their landlord's bank account and set up recurring payments. They cannot at this time pay with a credit card.

  • Our Online Rent Collection is powered by Dwolla. In an industry where trust is paramount, Dwolla's sophisticated security practices give landlords confidence that their data is being protected. For more information about their privacy and security, please visit their website here.

Setting Up Online Rent Collection

You can set up tenant payments for any or all of your properties.

Step 1: Enable Online Rent Collection on your Lease

You can either set up a new property and lease, or you can enable it on an existing lease by editing the lease.

To enable the feature, toggle the slider to YES on the lease set up page and Save.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Next, the system will ask you to verify that you are the owner of your account This security check will only happen the first time when you enable online rent collection.

Note: you must use a valid address not a PO Box number to verify your identity.

Click on Agree and Continue when you are ready to save the information.

Step 3: Add Your Bank Account

Next, you will need to fill out the form with your Bank Account Details. Click on Add Bank Account when done.

The property page will show the confirmed bank at the top of the property page.

You can change the connect bank account at any time by clicking on the green bar at the top of the property page.

Step 4: Add/Confirm your Tenants

If you have already added tenants to the lease they will appear on this page.

Select them and hit save.

If you've not already added them to the lease already you will need to either link or add them now by clicking the Add New Tenant button. Make sure they have an accurate and up-to-date e-mail address entered into the system.

When you're ready, hit save.

Step 5: Inviting Your Tenants to Pay Online

Once you have completed the set up your tenants will automatically be sent an email invitation with a unique link to set up on our tenant portal and start paying rent.

Note: Please have your tenant check their spam folder

Note: If your tenant doesn't receive the email or the link expires, you can resend this email at any time by clicking the tenant status chip which will appear below their name on the property page.

The Tenant Status Chip

The status for Online Rent Collection is shown on the Tenant card below their name. This may either be any of the following: Not Invited, Invited, Manual or AutoPay. You can then click on the status to send or resend an invite for the tenant to set up and activate Online Rent Collection.

More Information On The Tenant Status Chip

To resend the invite email click on the tenant status chip and confirm you want to resend.

How do Tenants set up and Pay Online

Note: Share this link with your tenant and help them get set up.

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