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How to Track Maintenance Requests
How to Track Maintenance Requests

Learn how to use Landlord Studio to track, prioritize, and manage property maintenance requests.

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As a landlord, you can now use Landlord Studio to track your property's maintenance requests.

To access maintenance requests, select the "Maintenance" menu from the left-hand menu. You will be directed to a page that presents a list of maintenance requests grouped by statuses.


All New & In Progress requests will be displayed in their corresponding status columns.

Any requests completed more than 60 days ago will be automatically filtered from the list. You can use the date filter to easily retrieve older completed requests.

You can update maintenance request statuses by simply dragging and dropping the requests between status columns. Each request must be either New, In Progress, or Completed.

To view or edit details of a request, simply click on a request card. This will bring up a pop-up showing the details of the request including:

  • Title

  • Due Date

  • Status - New, In Progress, Completed

  • Priority - Low, Medium, High, Urgent

  • Description

  • Images (Up to 5 images)

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