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How to Invite Tenants to Create Maintenance Requests
How to Invite Tenants to Create Maintenance Requests
Allow your tenants to submit maintenance requests online via the tenant portal.
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What You Need To know

  • This feature is currently available in the US users only. We plan to make this feature available for non ACH users in Q4 2023.

  • This feature is only available for users with ACH enabled at this time as your tenant will need access to the Tenant Portal for Online Rent Collection.

  • Refer to How to Set up Online Rent Collection for further instructions on inviting Tenants to the Tenant Portal.

  • Tenants can download the Tenant App to pay rent and submit maintenance requests.

Download the tenant app

How to Enable Tenant Maintenance Requests

In order for your tenants to be able to submit maintenance requests online, you will first need to enable this feature.

Head to the general settings More -> General menu.

Then select "Yes" from the dropdown under the "Enable Tenant Maintenance Requests" option.

This will allow tenants to create new maintenance requests and view maintenance request statuses in the tenant portal.

How Do Tenants Submit Requests?

Once the setting is turned on, a new menu will appear on the top right corner of the tenant portal.

By clicking on this tenants will be able to view all maintenance requests related to their rental property.

Note: We will be providing more granular controls over maintenance request visibility in the near future.

How Are Landlords Notified?

When your tenant(s) create a maintenance request via the Tenant Portal you will receive a notification email from Landlord Studio.

And the request will appear on your maintenance request board under the New column.

Log into Landlord Studio to add a priority and track the request progress.

Download the tenant app

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