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Property Maintenance FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding our property maintenance feature.

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Can I manage maintenance tasks via the app?

Yes. You can create new maintenance tasks, review in-progress jobs, prioritize and easily update tasks from any device wherever you are.

How do I create a new maintenance request?

Simply open the app or desktop software and select “Maintenance” in the left-hand menu.

Then click on “New Request” to create a new task. Fill out the details and upload any images and set the job priority.

Can tenants submit maintenance requests?

You can now invite your tenants to submit maintenance requests!

Find out more here.

Can I message tenants with maintenance updates through Landlord Studio?

This feature is currently in development.

How do I prioritize maintenance requests?

Simply select from Low, Medium, High, or Urgent when you create the task. You can edit these priorities at any time.

You can then easily arrange maintenance tasks by dragging Urgent and High priority tasks to the top of the column to make sure you get to them fast.

How do I find and view old maintenance tasks?

This feature is under development.

You will be able to filter tasks by priority, date range, or property to easily locate completed tasks.

Can vendors communicate directly with tenants through Landlord Studio?

At this time there is currently no way for vendors to communicate with tenants through the system. This will have to be managed elsewhere.

Can I schedule maintenance jobs far in the future?

You can create tasks at any point and set a due date.

To ensure you never miss a scheduled maintenance task, we recommend combining maintenance management with our reminders feature. For example, if you have an annual task to clean the HVAC system create a reminder that will notify you by email several days before the due date of the task. Then you can go in and create a new maintenance job or review or implement a previously entered task.

Can I assign jobs to vendors/ suppliers?

This feature is under development.

How do I link maintenance tasks to the related expense?

This feature is under development.

Can I log a maintenance request for a vacant property?

Yes. All maintenance requests will need to be linked to a building or unit and can be requested for both vacant and occupied properties.

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