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How to Raise Maintenance Requests Online
How to Raise Maintenance Requests Online
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Landlord Studio for Tenants offers the convenience of submitting maintenance requests online. However, your landlord must enable this feature for it to be accessible to you in the portal. If you don't see the option, please reach out to your landlord.

Following the steps below to submit a maintenance request:

  1. Click on "Maintenance" from the main navigation menu or the "View all" button on the maintenance widget on the dashboard. You will be directed to the Maintenance page.

  2. Click on the [+ New request] option located in the top right corner of the maintenance page

  3. Please detail the issue by giving it a title and a comprehensive description. If applicable, attach up to 5 photos of the problem.

  4. Click on [Create request] on the top right corner to complete the request. Your new maintenance request will now be displayed on the main page.

  5. Your landlord will be automatically notified via email by Landlord Studio.

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