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How To Email Tenants

You can contact your tenants using your personal email address from right inside the landlord studio app.

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Email a tenant directly on mobile

Step 1. Navigate to the property with the tenant that you want to contact.

Step 2. Above the tenants' section, there are two icons. One with a phone, one with an email icon. Click on the email icon.

Step 3. Here you can select either a blank email or one of your templates from the list.

Step 4. Edit the email and check the email address is correct.

Step 5. Hit send in the top right-hand corner.

  • Note 1: You will need to have filled out the tenant's details with an email address for this function.

  • Note 2: You can edit and create your own templates in the settings.

  • Note 3: You can also send out a group message to all tenants of a single property.

Alternatively, you can email the tenant specifically:

Step 1. Select ‘Tenants’ from the menu bar.

Step 2. There will be an email icon next to each of the tenants that you have filled out an email for. Click on that icon.

Step 3. Edit and send the email.

Email a tenant directly on desktop

Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property.

Step 2. Tap the Send Email button next to the tenant you want to contact.

Step 3. Select the correct template.

Step 4. Edit and send the email.

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