How To SMS Tenants

Much like emailing tenants, you can send them SMS messages with updates, reminders, and rent invoices.

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Step 1. Navigate to the relevant property.

Step 2. On each of the tenants, there are two icons. One with a phone, one with an email icon. Click on the phone icon.

Step 3. Here you can select either a blank message or one of the pre-saved templates from the list.

Step 4. Edit the message and check the phone number is correct.

Step 5. Hit send in the top right-hand corner.

  • Note 1: You will have needed to set up both your own phone number in the app as well as your tenants.

  • Note 2: Check you have entered the number under mobile instead of a phone number.

  • Note 3: You can send a group message by using the icons to the right just above the tenant cards.

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