When you set up your lease remember to add an end date to it. This will allow the system to end that lease allowing you to add a new lease for the next tenants to that same property.

Step 1. To set up a new lease on a property (after making sure the current lease has an end date), go to the relevant property.

Step 2. Scroll down. Under the section labeled "Tenants", there is a section labeled "Tenancies".

Step 3. Click "Add Lease".

Step 4. Enter the lease details.

Step 5. Hit save.

  • Note 1: Make sure you have set the correct end date on your current or previous lease as our system won't allow your lease dates to overlap.

  • Note 2: You can modify the lease by tapping the small blue pencil icon on the property dashboard next to the Log payment button.

  • Note 3: If your old lease hasn't yet finished, you can tap on the new lease to open it in the dashboard and add prospective tenants.

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