When a tenant moves out early for whatever reason you will need to do several things before you can move on to the next tenancy.

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant property.

Step 2: Make sure your payment history is up to date and correct. 

You can do this by tapping on "View Payment History". Then if any payments look incorrect tap on them and edit or delete.

Step 3:
You will then want to edit your lease. To edit the lease tap on the blue pencil icon to the right and down from the log payment button (on mobile).

Step 4: You can now bring forward the tenancy end date to the date that the tenant moved out by tapping on the end date and selecting the new date e.g. the actual date of their departure.

Step 5: Hit save.

Now you are ready to set up a new lease for new tenants when they move in.

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