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Adding Images

Adding pictures to your property dashboard and tenant's profiles.

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Can you add an image to your property dashboard?

At the request of our users, we have rolled out a feature that allows users to add pictures of their properties to the software. You can only upload one image per property. 

Please note that this feature is not currently available on Android devices.

To add a property image:

  • First, navigate to the relevant property via the left-hand menu bar.

On iOS

  • Tap on the camera icon at the top right of the screen.

  • You can then choose to take a photo or choose an image from your camera roll.

On Desktop

  • Click on “Manage images for your property”

  • You can then choose a file from your computer to upload to the software. this image can be changed at any time.

Can you add pictures of your Tenants?

You cannot at this time add pictures of your tenants to the app.

If you have questions about using the app or have a particular feature request please reach out to

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